Collection: Donate

Thank you for your interest in supporting L/L Research! As we share all of our information for free, we rely on your donations to keep the lights on.

There are several ways you can support L/L Research financially:

Direct donation via PayPal


If you'd like to make a donation using credit card or your Paypal account or set up a recurring donation through Paypal, Paypal is the best option.

Donations made to L/L Research are fully tax deductible. After we receive your donation, we will mail a printed tax-deductible receipt to US addresses (if it is provided), and email a receipt to international addresses.

*PayPal is our preference, but if you are unable to use PayPal to donate directly, you can use this $5 donation item to donate through our online store.


  Patreon is a platform that makes it easy to support creators via recurring monthly contributions and allowing creators to connect with their supporters. Check out our page and become a Patron


Check or Money Order

You can also donate by sending a check or money order to our PO box at:

L/L Research
PO Box 5195
Louisville, KY 40255