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Echoes In The Universe: A Spiritual Memoir

Echoes In The Universe: A Spiritual Memoir

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By Leonard Goodwin

Synopsis: In a series of narrative poems Leonard Goodwin places his life experiences as child, husband, father, teacher, social researcher in the context of social events that have shaped our world. These events include The Great Depression, World War II, the War On Poverty, to election of a Black President and time beyond the Mayan Calendar. Later in life he undergoes spiritual experiences including that of transmitting energy to the Earth from the Sound Angel realm. The interplay of everyday and spiritual experiences illustrate how challenges orchestrated by Dark Forces (including childhood traumas and a near death heart attack) can be welcomed and interwoven with opportunities fostered by Light Forces to further spiritual development. This volume is a reminder that each of us is on a spiritual adventure that is grounded in the Earth and echoes in the Universe.

About the author:Leonard Goodwin is a retired professor and social psychologist who resides with his wife in a Del Webb active adult community outside of Nashville, Tennessee. Previously he was on the faculty of Earlham College, the staff of the Fulbright Exchange Program, and the staff of Brookings Institution in Washington DC. He also served as Professor and Head of the Department of Social Science and Policy Studies at Worcester Polytechnic Institute. He has published numerous professional articles and the following professional books: Do The Poor Want To Work?: A Social Psychological Study Of Work Orientations; Can Social Science Help Resolve National Problems?; Causes And Cures Of Welfare. His poetry has appeared in a number of publications.

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