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LOO - Ra Session #2

LOO - Ra Session #2

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The session audio has been digitized from the original analog cassette tapes, and has not been altered in any way. The sessions were recorded between 1981 - 1984 using tie–pin microphones for our three, inexpensive tape recorders (Carla was well known for breaking recording equipment, so we were redundant). You can see the mics attached to the bed sheet covering Carla in the photographs of The Law of One: Book I.

Because of this and the current condition of the analog tapes which have oxidized considerably over the past 30 years, the audio is not what you would call "studio quality". Please keep this in mind while listening.


Please note: the sound quality of sessions 1-17 is much fainter than the rest of the Ra sessions. Higher quality recording of the sessions did not start until session 18. Please keep in mind this noticeable difference as you listen to these first 17 sessions.

File Size: 65.3 MB
Length: 71 mins
Encoding Quality: 128kbps

If you would like to see the text transcript of this session, click here.

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