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The Island on the Edge of Forever (The Epic of Aravinda Book 2)

The Island on the Edge of Forever (The Epic of Aravinda Book 2)

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By Andrew M. Crusoe

When Asha accepts a mission to recover a sacred stone capable of raising the dead, she doesn't expect her ship to be attacked in orbit over an unknown world. Asha and her commander, Mira, are dragged into the planet's wild ocean, and she barely manages to escape a vast underwater complex. When Asha reaches the surface, she discovers a mysterious island that comes to life with dancing villagers and roaring bonfires every night, only to vanish without a trace each morning, leaving her feeling alone and confused.

But that isn't all Asha has to contend with. Vicious creatures known as the Zha lurk in the shadows and trail her every move. Even worse, she finds Mira on the brink of death, unable to help her find the stone. Time is running out, and Asha must rely on her courage, intuition, and healing skills to have any hope of success. But she soon discovers that she's not the only one searching desperately for the sacred stone....

A blend of fast-paced adventure, mystery, and aloha, THE ISLAND ON THE EDGE OF FOREVER is part of the EPIC OF ARAVINDA — a Mythic Sci-Fi adventure series. This is the companion book to THE TRUTH BEYOND THE SKY, and you can begin with either book. Share & Enjoy.

The EPIC OF ARAVINDA integrates spiritual themes and cosmological concepts from the Law of One into an exciting and epic adventure. Students of the Law of One will immediately recognize the consistent themes throughout this series.

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