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Universal Vision: Soul Evolution and the Cosmic Plan

Universal Vision: Soul Evolution and the Cosmic Plan

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Universal Vision: Soul Evolution and the Cosmic Plan

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Universal Vision: Soul Evolution and the Cosmic Plan

Adapted from Scott Mandelker's “ET Journal”, Universal Vision is a grand synthesis of advanced knowledge on cosmic life, human evolution, and the principles of spiritual growth. It includes essays on Wanderers and ET agendas, Earth Changes and survival, plus new teachings on meditation, Higher Self, self–healing, and the 7 chakras –– as well as reader mail, personal stories, extensive Q&A sections, charts and outlines. Universal Vision also includes advanced teaching, applications, and commentary on The Ra Material.

Words of Praise for Universal Vision

"Universal Vision is a cosmic tool box, filled with dozens of practical, useful spiritual instruments designed to enable you to build a solid bridge to the future –– a bridge structured to support your soul's evolution in a union with the universe and All That is."

–– Brad Steiger, author of Star People and Starborn

"As an eloquent and elegant guide, Dr. Mandelker takes the reader on a grand tour of ancient, and ageless wisdom. As an old ET soul and a modern psychotherapist, Scott offers critical insights and compassionate comments on the joys and sufferings of Schoolhouse Earth and the Soul's Journey –– Self–fulfillment in Service to Others. Enjoy the Tour!"

–– R. Leo Sprinkle, Ph.D., author, counselor, and UFO researcher

"The ET phenomenon cannot be fully understood without an understanding and integration of the spiritual aspects of metaphysics. In this book, Scott provides a wonderfully clear blueprint that can be used by both the layman and the serious searcher."

–– Delores Cannon, hypnotherapist, psychic researcher, and author

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