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Voices of the Confederation

Voices of the Confederation

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First compiled and edited in 1975, Voices of the Confederation is a collection of channeled material from the early years of Don Elkins' and Carla Rueckert's experiments with telepathic communication with extraterrestrials. Originally titled Voices of the Gods, it was never officially published and sat on the shelf until the project was resurrected decades later.

The collection contains excerpts arranged categorically to help introduce people to Confederation philosophy. Some of these transcripts are being published for the first time in this book, having never appeared on L/L Research's archive website. Topics covered include channeling, meditation, love, service, UFOs, and many others relevant to the spiritual seeker. Explored in these pages are the basic themes of the Confederation philosophy that have become the hallmark of L/L Research’s channeling ever since.

"Seek, my friends. Seek. This is the word that opens the door to everything that exists throughout all of space and all of time. Seek. Seek. And what will you find? You will find love, for that is all that there is to find. For that is all that there is." – Hatonn, February 9, 1974

(285 pages)

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